June 9th, 2002

Blaze Transparent - ©Jenipher

Friend's only. Ignore if you're on my list already.

This journal is Friends Only.

If you wish to be added, please comment so I can find you easily. I'll more than likely add you, happily. I will not add you if you don't comment on this entry. So comment.

Do Not Ask To Be Added If You Post:
//Quizzes without LJ cut.
//Too many pictures without LJ cut.

I Post:
// Feelings.
// Rants.
// Pictures once or twice a month (with LJ cut).
// Quizzes No quizzes.

Add me and I'll add you, drop me and I'll drop you. What's the point of me adding you to my friend's list if I'm not even on yours? That shows me that you probably won't read my journal and are wasting space on my friend's page.